The Chapel - About
What is The Chapel?
It’s a webcomic about things, but mainly videogames. BUT! The chapel isn’t your average badly drawn comic about video games, it has been hand crafted by Ryan Dixon (AKA. Fatherlorris) deep within the Welsh countryside. The chapel is also low fat and free of all artificial sweeteners so you can consume it all day and guilt free!
How is The Chapel Funded?
The Chapel is mostly funded though donations, via paypal and patreon.
Recurring Characters

Mr Fizzbang
Mr Fizzbang is the main protagonist of the comics, he can often be found getting into all sorts of wacky scrapes and situations. Will he ever find the wizard that stole his legs?

Graaa Fump
Graaa Fump produces the low buzzing noise within your computer’s hard drive. Due to the international atrocities caused by Graaa Fump in 1897 the league of nations have placed sanctions on The Chapel, as a result ABBA's greatist hits will no longer autoplay when loading the site. We apologise for this inconvenice.

Blek is the Mr Fizzbang’s lifelong companion, often the sensible one in any situation. He isn’t really very funny. Catchphrases include ‘Hello, what can I do for you today?’ and ‘Yes’. Blek is often portrayed as a really cool dude, and as a result The Chapel abides by the international law requiring self inserts in webcomics.

A samurai warrior that has no face, she is the main antagonist of The Chapel. Often her plans are thwarted in a comical fashion by our endearing heros. She is also responsible for all the spelling misteaks in The Chapel.

Otto von Ratboi
Otto is super relatable, he often does relatable things such as; Saying something mildy embarrassing and thinking about it for a few days, procrastinating when he has an important essay due, and getting his anterior chambers accidentally filled with seagull eggs.

Miss Marple
Not to be confused with one half of the 80s crime fighting duo 'Miss Marple and the kriegmarines', Miss Marple ensures that every comic ends with a zoomed in face with a highly detailed comical expression.

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